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New Infographic from GRACE Team Care Reveals Challenges and Solutions

in Serving Healthcare Needs of Seniors with Multiple Chronic Conditions


         (INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – May 11, 2015) — A new infographic highlighting the healthcare costs of seniors with multiple chronic conditions and outlining ways to better serve this growing population has been issued by the GRACE Team Care (Geriatric Resources for Assessment and Care of Elders) program at Indiana University School of Medicine.
According to the infographic, 8 million of the 40 million older adults in the United States have multiple chronic conditions and receive help with activities of daily living (ADL). This 20 percent of the senior demographic comprises 40 percent of healthcare spending, and the per capita healthcare spending for these seniors is about double than for those without the need for help in ADL. Medicare hospitalization collective cost to the healthcare system is more than $140 billion.

See the infographic online here.

“People with multiple chronic conditions and functional limitations spend three times as much as people with only multiple chronic conditions,” said Steven Counsell, M.D., executive director of GRACE Team Care. “For that reason it is critical that we find an effective way to manage the health and well-being of high-risk Medicare populations, particularly the frail and lower-income citizens who are the most vulnerable.

As the new infographic shows, participation in the GRACE program has been proven to provide person-centered care, enhance quality of life, optimize health and functional status, and decrease excess healthcare use. In fact an independent study has shown that the GRACE program can result in a 50 percent reduction in hospital readmission rates, a 30 percent reduction in hospital admission rates, and a 25 percent reduction in emergency room visits. 

The catalyst for the GRACE program is its support team, headed by a nurse practitioner and a social worker who complement the primary care physician in fully addressing the patient’s health conditions and achieving a patient’s goal from the comfort of their own home. The GRACE team provides patients with specialized care for geriatric conditions (e.g., falls, depression and memory problems); healthcare education; medication management; and coordination of care between specialty physicians, the emergency department, hospitals, skilled nursing facilities and a broad array of community support services.

“Independent sources including Avalere Health have reported that GRACE programming is associated with a significant return on investment and thousands of dollars in savings per member per year in healthcare costs,” said Dr. Counsell, in referring back to the infographic. “With Medicare-eligible citizens now representing the fastest-growing segment of the American public, this is a program where its time and focus have come.”

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