GRACE Team Care Training and Technical Assistance Tools

Training and technical assistance tools are available for organizations and healthcare systems that would like to implement GRACE Team Care. The IU Geriatrics GRACE Training and Resource Center is offering a wide range of tools and support, which can be packaged or are available a la carte. Please contact us for information on pricing and licensing. Tools and support options include:

This series of webinars provides an overview of GRACE Team Care, discusses specific organizational goals and identified target populations, and reviews the implementation process. The webinars include information on the business case for GRACE Team Care, to aid in program planning.

Participants visit a GRACE Team Care program to meet with organizational leadership and GRACE Team Care staff and see the model in practice. The visit agenda includes observing an interdisciplinary team meeting.

Conference calls can provide support, instruction, and problem solving in the implementation of GRACE Team Care.

This 16-hour in-person training session is core to creating GRACE Team Care. In the training session, future GRACE Team Care members (nurse practitioners, social workers, physicians and other interdisciplinary team staff) will:

  • Review educational needs based on self-assessments
  • Discuss principles and concepts underlying GRACE Team Care
  • Learn the key components of the GRACE model
  • Review the roles of various team members
  • Become familiar with the in-home geriatric assessment tools
  • Demonstrate effective interdisciplinary team care planning
  • Apply GRACE protocols and corresponding interventions
  • Understand strategies for care coordination and transitional care

The training includes small group interactive sessions and case-based simulations.

The Manual is a good complement to the in-person training session. The Manual provides detailed information on GRACE Team Care and the key components of the model including the evidence-based GRACE protocols and corresponding team interventions, copies of in-home assessment tools, and sample copies of completed GRACE assessments and care plans.

GRACE Team Care training participants are able to download program tools, such as competency checklists and patient assessment instruments under the Member Forum tab. If you are in need of access to this Forum, please contact the GRACE Training and Resource Center’s Director, Dawn Butler at

Assistance is provided to develop a customized GRACE Dashboard for monitoring program implementation and improvement in quality measures that pertain to targeted geriatric conditions.

Conference calls provide assistance in program evaluation. Information and materials on business planning for GRACE Team Care will guide replication sites in developing plans for long-term program sustainability.

This eight-hour in-person session focuses on program evaluation and strategic planning for sustainability and expansion of GRACE Team Care within the organization.