GRACE Team Care has been proven to improve the health and quality of life of low-income seniors by working with patients in their homes and in their communities to manage health problems, track changing care needs, and leverage needed social services. Studies show that GRACE can improve care quality and outcomes, and lower the cost of medical care. GRACE Team Care is:

Easy to Implement

  • The IU Geriatrics GRACE Training and Resource Center provides the training, tools
  • and resources you need to put GRACE Team Care into action.
  • GRACE expertise can be used in a variety of clinic, transitional care, and home-based settings.
  • Clinicians can be easily and quickly trained to deliver the model. No special license is needed.


  • Physicians lead a coordinated team of professional health and social care providers.
  • Shared electronic records and frequent communications help reduce duplication of services and streamline decision-making.


  • The team works together to meet patients’ interdependent health and social needs.
  • Mental health care is a critical aspect of this coordinated approach.


  • GRACE Team Care infuses geriatrics knowledge into the primary care setting, giving patients the benefits of a specialist’s perspective in their general practitioner’s office.